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Office Locations: AIIM Facility / Room 123
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Senior Lecturer: Nano-structured Materials, Institute for Superconducting and Electronic Materials


Dr. Konstantinov has more than 27 years career as an internationally recognized expert on engineering of multifunctional ceramic nano-composites for various applications and as a developer of mass-production nano-technologies for ceramic synthesis. He is the initiator and coordinator of a new multidisciplinary research direction at UOW entitled “Application of advanced nanoceramics for health protection” and the group leader of the Nano Ceramich for Health Protection (NHCP) Team located at ISEM.

Dr. Konstantinov is working on several research directions including advanced energy storage composites and he is currently focusing on biological protection and cancer treatment:

  • Design and engineering of multifunctional nano-particles for cancer related theranostic applications (collaboration with IHRMI)

  • Radiation assisted cancer therapy using high Z ceramic nanomaterials (collaboration with CMRP)

  • Nanoceramics for radiation protection drugs in space (collaboration with CMRP)

  • Ceramic nano-particles and composites for oxidative stress related diseases (collaboration with IHRMI)

  • New nanomaterials for skin cancer protection in cosmetics (collaboration with the University of Orleans/France)

Dr. Konstantinov is a supervisor or co-supervisor of several students working in the above health protection fields and members of NCHP:



  • Callum Lidbetter: Nanoengineering of high Z ceramics for radiation assisted cancer therapy. Co-supervised with Prof. Anatoly Rozenfeld (CMRP), Dr. Michael Lerch (CMRP), Dr. Moeava Tehei (CMB) and Dr. Stephanie Corde Tehei (POWH).

  • Nai-Sheng: Study of ITO and IZO for biomedical applications. Co-supervised with Dr. Moeava Tehei (CMRP)

  • Lee Taylor: CeO2 based nanoceramics for cancer therapies. Co-supervised with Prof. Anatoly Rozenfeld (CMRP), Dr. Michael Lerch (CMRP), Dr. Moeava Tehei (CMB) and Dr. Stephanie Corde Tehei (POWH).


  • Dean Cardillo: In vitroinvestigation into the energy dependence of the radiation protection efficacy of CeO2 nanoparticles on 9L cells exposed to X-ray radiation fields. Co-supervised with Prof. Anatoly Rozenfeld (CMRP), Dr. Michael Lerch (CMRP), Dr. Moeava Tehei (CMRP)

  • Kathrin Bogush: Investigation of novel type nanoparticules with extreme toxicity and bioselectivity on cancerous brain cells. Co-supervised with Prof. Anatoly Rozenfeld (CMRP), Dr. Michael Lerch (CMRP) and Dr. Moeava Tehei (CMRP)

  • Malgorzata Zuchora: Development of advanced high Z ceramic based theranostic systems for cancer therapy. Co-supervised with Dr. Moeava Tehei (CMRP) and Prof. Anatoly Rozenfeld (CMRP).

  • Matt Westlake: Novel nanoceramics for magnetic drug delivery. Co-supervisor with Dr. Michael Lerch (CMRP) and Dr. Moeava Tehei (CMRP)

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