Fabrication Equipment

ISEM Powder Mill
Powder mills

FRITSCH Planetary Mills are designed for a broad range of applications and ideally suited for loss-free grinding down to a fineness as small as 100nm. Depending on the desired fineness, the grinding can be performed dry, in suspension or in an inert gas. In addition to pulverisation, you can also use Planetary Mills for mixing and homogenising emulsions and pastes or for mechanical activation and alloying in materials research.

ISEM Dip Coating

Versatile dip-coating for preparation of thin and thick films which is able to control dipping speed and exposure time.

ISEM Drawing Bench
Drawing bench

Fabrication of long length wires with diameters of few millimetres.

ISEM Pulse Laser Deposition
Pulse-laser deposition (PLD)

PLD450 system consists of high vacuum chamber, 4 of 3-inch diameter rotatable target stage, 4-inch rotated and z-axis adjustable oxidation resistant substrate heating plate, ion gun for substrate clean and assisted deposition, and gas ionized system. It also has two-dimensional laser beam scanning system.

For further information please contact: Dr. Dongqi Shi

ISEM Single Crystal Growth
Single crystal growth

Vertical seed rod preparation furnace. The temperature can reach up to 1600ºC. Different atmospheres can be applied as well.

Four mirror floating zone furnace. Very high temperature uniformity in growth region. Controllable atmosphere and seed rod operation

High quality single crystals of various functional materials. Single crystals of more 10cm long can be fabricated.

ISEM Rolling Mill
Rolling mill
ISEM Melt Spinning
Melt spinning
Spin coater WS-400B-6NPP/Lite

Processor controlled, precision Spin Coater from Laurell Technol. Corp. Produces a thin uniform layer of photoresist on the wafer surface. Spins wafers from 3 mm to 150 mm in diameter. The spin speed is up to 6,000 rpm.

Exposure unit kinsten KVB-30D UV 

Used for transferring an image (mask) to a UV sensitive surface (e.g. photoresist coated wafer).  The dominant UV wavelength is 350~400µm. The unit contains three FL-15 tubes on the top and bottom ensuring high intensity ultra-violet radiation for rapid exposure time. Includes digital timer and vacuum table. A maximum exposure area is 230 x 380 mm. Can be used for single- or double-sided exposure.

Mask aligner karl suss MJB3

Designed for high resolution photolithography. Offers unsurpassed flexibility in the handling of irregularly shaped substrates and pieces of different thickness, as well as standard size wafers up to 3” in diameter. Contains high resolution optical system. Equipped with a 200 W mercury short-arc lamp. Exposure wavelength is in the range of 350-500 nm. Line/space resolution of 1.5 mm and alignment  accuracies of 0.2 mm can be obtained under optimum conditions.

Maskless laser lithography system (uPG101 from Heidelberg instruments)

Micro-pattern generator for direct mask writing. Produces structures down to 1 μm. Equipped with a diode laser at 405 nm, which exposes the standard photoresists (AZ15XX or S18XX) that are used in photolithography. Designed for mask writing on the wafer with size from 5×5 mm2 to 100×100 mm2.

Optical microscopy Nikon LV100

Enables a wide range of observation methods (bright field, darkfield, fluorescence, DIC) for specimens with the height up to 38 mm.

Multipurpose digital thermosonic wire bonder (model 626) from HYBOND Inc

Multipurpose wire bonder, which is capable of Ball, Wedge, Peg and Bump bonding. All operator control is carries out from the digital control Microprocessor Board. Specifically designed for applications that require bonding at extreme height differences between 1st and 2nd bond and for bonding wires to sensitive devices.



Last reviewed: 23 August, 2011