Physical Characterisation

PPMS 2-400 K 0-14 T DC field

14T PPMS has a set of various options:

VSM – for magnetic characterization (4K to 1000 K)

Heat capacity module (4K to 340 K)

AC transport module (with rotator) for measuring angle-field dependences.

Thermal transport module (4K to 340K) – Seebeck coefficient and thermal conductivity can be measured

PPMS-9T has the following options:

Extraction magnetometer

Ac susceptometer

Resistance measurements

Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM)
Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM)

As well as providing near atomic resolution images of surface structures, the Asylum AFM shared facility can also perform Electrostatic Force Microscopy (EFM), Magnetic Field Microscopy (MFM), Conductive AFM, Piezo Force Microscopy (PFM) and nanolithography. This makes the AFM a versatile characterisation tool that can provide extensive data on materials properties for applications in the materials science, physics, chemistry, polymer and bioscience.

For further information or measurement arrangements, please contact: 
Mr. Darren Attard

ISEM Battery Charge/Discharge
Battery charge/discharge

Accelerating Rate Calorimeter supplied with Standard Calorimeter Assembly and Battery Components Testing Kit

For further information or measurement arrangements, please contact: Dr. Shulei Chou

ISEM Dielectric measurement
Dielectric measurement system

Dielectric/impedance measurement with Agilent 4294A. The measurement frequency range is 20Hz-110MHz. Parameters can be measured include Cp-D, Z-θ et ac. The measurement temperature range is in range of 100K-1000K.

For further information, please contact: 
A/Prof. Zhenxiang Cheng

ISEM Piezoelectric
Piezoelectric evaluation system (aixPES) and ferroelectric thin film system

This system is used for comprehensive electrical and electro-mechanical characterization of piezoelectric bulk ceramic samples. Large and small signal material characteristics can be evaluated over a wide temperature range. The samples current response is measured by applying an electrical voltage excitation signal using the flexible and precise virtual ground method. The samples displacement is simultaneously measured with a laser interferometer system.


Material characterization for research and development 
Device qualification 
Large and small signal measurements 
Temperature dependent measurements 
Reliability and fatigue tests 
Leakage measurements 

For further information, please contact: 
A/Prof. Zhenxiang Cheng

ISEM Magneto-optical
Magneto-optical investigation

Home made MOI system. Magneto-optical investigation of superconductors and magnetic materials. Temperatures from RT to 4 K.

ISEM Veeco
Veeco profilometer

Information on surface roughness of thin films. Measures thickness of films with resolution of few nanometers.

ISEM 15T Magnet with VTI
15T magnet with VTI

Specially designed to measure critical current in superconductors operating temperatures: RT to 4K. Pulsed DC current measurements up to 200 A.

N2 gas compatibility single & multi point BET

surface area, 100 points ads./desorption isotherms,BJH pore size distribution, total pore volume and average pore radius.


Last reviewed: 25 August, 2011