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26 Sep - Understanding electrode materials to improve and innovate battery technology: The lithium-ion battery (LIB) has changed the world as we know it. With its relatively high energy density, long life cycle and low cost, LIB technology enabled the development of mobile phones, laptops, and electric vehicles, among many other technologies. 

26 Sep - Exploring and developing novel, artificial materials for clean energy: The demand for energy from natural resources to sustain our industrialised and technology-driven society is putting enormous strain on our planet.

26 Sep - Exploring the frontier of electronic materials: Materials scientist Dr David Cortie is looking to the future in his search for new materials that can outperform silicon, the miracle material in smart phones and supercomputers.

26 Sep -  Electrifying the transportation fleet in underground mining to improve environmental and health safety outcomes

12 July - Science fiction becomes science fact as researchers create liquid metal heartbeat: Discovery has potential applications in artificial muscles, soft robotics and microfluidic circuitry

12 June - UOW Physics Alum secures MacDiarmid Institute Personal Post-doctoral Fellowship: Steven (aka Frederick) Wells graduated with a BSc Advanced Physics Degree obtaining 1st class Honours and recently completed his PhD at ISEM/Physics working on ultra-fast MOI.

1 May - Material to help transition to clean hydrogen fuel: Compound used in sunscreen a catalyst for low-cost, high-performance water splitting.

9 April - Sodium-ion battery packs a punch: New battery materials provide pathway to mass-production of batteries based on cheap, abundant sodium.

1 Jan - Graduate’s research aims to revolutionise battery technology: PhD graduate discovers the long and winding road has many interesting detours and byways.


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