Partnerships & Collaborations

Partnerships & Collaborations

Links with Industry

Alphatech International Ltd 
Australian Superconductors Ltd
DLG Battery Co Ltd
Electric Transit Co Ltd
Hyper Tech Research Inc
Hypres Inc
Lexel Battery Ltd 
Mesaplexx Ltd
Suppo Battery Ltd

National Links

The Institute for Superconducting and Electronic Materials has established a vast national and international multi-disciplinary collaborative network. This has led to information exchange, co-supervision of PhD students, joint grant proposals and joint publications with more than 40 research teams around the world as listed below:

Australian Nuclear Science & Technology Organisation (ANSTO) 
Australian National University
Curtin University of Technology
CSIRO Division of Applied Physics
James Cook University
Macquarie University
Monash University
University of Melbourne
University of New South Wales
University of Queensland
University of Sydney
University of Technology, Sydney

International Links

Atomic Institute of Austrian Universities, Vienna
L. Boltzmann Institute of Physics

University of Alberta
University de Sherbrooke

University of Zagreb

Max-Planck-Institut fur Metallforschung

National Physical Laboratory

National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST)
National Institute of Materials Science
Osaka National Research Institute
Tokai University
Yamagata University

New Zealand
University of Auckland 
Industrial Research Lab

Peoples Republic of China
Beijing University of Science and Technology
Harbin University
Hubei University
Institute for Microsystem and Information Technology
Institute of Electrical Technology
Institute of Non-ferrous Metals
Nankai University
Nanjing University
Northeastern University
Shanghai Jiao Tong University
Shanghai University
Tianjin University
Institute of Physics

General Physics Institute

National University
Nanyang University of Technology

South Korea
Andong National University
Korea Advanced Institute of Science & Technology (KAIST)
Korea Aerospace Research Institute (KARI)
Korea Institute of Materials Science (KIMS)

University of Geneva

Donetsk Physico-Technical Institute
Institute for Metal Physics

United Kingdom
Imperial College
Oxford University
Southampton University
University of Cambridge

United States of America
Ames Lab, Iowa State University
Argonne National Laboratory
Brookhaven National Laboratory
Houston University
Los Alamos Laboratory
National Institute of Standard Technology
New York Polytechnic University
Ohio State University
University of Wisconsin
Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Last reviewed: 3 February, 2017