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ISEM at the University of Wollongong consists of more than 100 researchers and postgraduate students, working on seven large programs.

Applied Superconductivity

Program Coordinator: Professor Shi Xue Dou

Key Researchers: A/Prof. Josip Horvat, Prof. Jung Ho Kim, Dr. Xun Xu, Dr. Md. Shariar Hossain

• Development of High Temperature Superconductors (HTS) and new superconductors 
• Fabrication and applications of HTS and MgB2 wires and tapes
• Exploring the microstructure, flux pinning, and critical current density of HTS and MgB2 superconductors
• Powder processing and characterisation of HTS and MgB2 superconductors
• Application of superconductors for electrical and electronic devices such as motors, fault current limiters, transformers, and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)
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Energy Storage Group

Program Coordinator: Professor Hua Kun Liu

Key Researchers: Prof. Zaiping Guo, Prof. Jiazhao Wang, Dr. Kosta Konstantinov, Dr. Sima Aminorroaya

• Development of advanced materials for fuel cells and solar cells
• Exploring electromaterials for advanced lithium ion batteries and supercapacitors
• Nickel-metal hydride materials for rechargeable batteries
• Developing rechargeable batteries for electric vehicles
• Nanomaterials and nanotechnology research for energy storage and conversion
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Spintronic and Electronic Materials Group

Program Coordinator: Professor Xiaolin Wang

Key Researchers: A/Prof. Zhenxiang Cheng, Dr. Germanas Peleckis, Dr. Yi Du, Dr. Zhi Li

• Design of new generation functional materials using first principles calculation and various experimental approaches
• Novel magnetic materials and magnetism for spin electronics
• Ferroelectric, piezoelectric, and multiferroic materials for multifunctional electronic applications and data storage
• Development of new thermoelectric materials for high efficiency energy conversion and refrigeration
• Single crystal growth of functional materials
• Correlation between magnetism and superconductivity in iron-based superconductors
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Thin Film Technology Group

Program Coordinator: Professor Alexey Pan

Key Researchers:  Dr. Yue Zhao

• Deposition and development of thin film, multilayer, and hybrid systems
• New technologies for HTS coated conductors for electricity and energy handling
• Development of tunnelling junctions for research and applications
• Micro- and nano-structuring, optical and electron beam lithography
• Magneto-optical imaging of superconducting and magnetic materials
• Superconducting thin films for telecommunications, medicine, and space applications


Terahertz Science, Solid State Physics Group

Program Coordinator: Professor Chao Zhang

Key Researchers: Prof. Roger Lewis, A/Prof. Rodney Vickers, Dr. Carey Freeth

• Quantum tunnelling and electrical characterisation of semiconductor nanostructures
• Thermionics and thermoelectrics study in nanomaterials
• High efficiency terahertz emitters
• Developing advanced materials and structures for terahertz science and technology
• Terahertz applications in medicine and biology
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Nano Structured Materials

Program Coordinator: Dr. Kosta Konstantinov

• High surface area nanostructured oxides for energy storage and conversion
• Developing chemical deposition techniques for solid state thin film batteries
• Novel nanostructured materials for asymmetric supercapacitors
• Innovative nanomaterials for biomedical applications

Last reviewed: 4 May, 2018