Professor Zaiping GuoZaiping Guo

Contact Details

Office Locations: AIIM Facility / Room 129 & Building 1 / Room 110
Phone: +61 2 4221 5225

Current Positions

Professor: School of Mechanical, Materials& Mechatronic Engineering &
Institute for Superconducting & Electronic Materials and
ARC Queen Elizabeth II (QEII) Fellow 


2003: Ph.D  (Materials Engineering), University of Wollongong, Australia

1996: Master of Science (Electrochemistry), Xinjiang University, China

1993: Bachelor of Science (Chemistry), Xinjiang University, China

Academic, Research & Professional Experiences

2012: Professor, QEII Fellow, ISEM & Materials Engineering, UOW

2010: Associate Professor, QEII Fellow, ISEM & Materials Engineering, UOW, Australia 

2009: Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Engineering, UoW, Australia

2007: Lecturer, Faculty of Engineering, UoW, Australia

2004-2006: APD Fellow, ISEM, UoW, Australia, Fixed-term

Research Interests

1. Rechargeable Lithium-ion battery and rechargeable Lithium polymer battery technology.
2. Hydrogen storage materials.
3. Ionic conductive polymer for advanced Lithium polymer batteries.
4. Thin-film manufacturing technology and Thin-film Lithium-ion batteries.
5. Electrochemistry characterisation and computer modelling.
6. Nanocrystalline materials and nano technology.
7. Structural and functional ceramic materials.

Brief Description of Expertise

Prof. Guo has been involved with Electrochemistry, nanotechnology and materials science since 1993 and has extensive knowledge and experience in material preparation, physical and structural characterisation and electrochemical testing and modelling. She has established a research program in nanomaterials for different applications, such as lithium ion batteries, supercapacitors, hydrogen storage and fuel cells. Substantial research work has been done under her supervision on the synthesis of nanomaterials, properties characterization and testing, and investigation of the reaction mechanism of nanomaterials electrodes. As the supervisor of 1 Postdoctoral Fellow, 10 PhD students, and 3 visiting Fellows, she is targeting their work on practical applications of various nanomaterials as electrode materials for energy storage or conversion technologies. She is particularly interested in ways to improve the performance and cycle life of these nanomaterials, identifying the specific physical and chemical properties that can be put to a particular practical use.  

Top Publications

Prof. Z.P. Guo  has published more than 180 papers in the past 10 years. She is the corresponding author for most of the papers she published. More than 80 papers were published in Journals with Impact Factor (IF) > 4.  More than 30 papers were published in Journals with IF >5. Citations of 2687, H-index of 28 on 15/03/2013

  1. K.H. Seng, M.H. Park, Z.P. Guo*, H.K. Liu, J. Cho*, “High Capacity GeO2/Ge/C Anode Material with Excellent Rate Performance for the Lithium Batteries:, Nano Letters, in press (accepted on 05 February 2013) (IF=13.198)

  2. Chaofeng Zhang, Zhixin Chen, Zaiping Guo*, Xiongwen Lou*, “Additive-free synthesis of 3D porous V2O5 hierarchical microspheres with enhanced lithium storage properties” Energy & Environmental Science, 6, 974 (2013) (IF=9.61)

  3. K.H. Seng, M.H. Park, Z.P. Guo*, H.K. Liu, J. Cho*, “Self-Assembled Germanium/Carbon Nanostructures as High Power Anode Material for the Lithium-ion Battery”, Angew. Chemie, 51, 5657 (2012) (IF = 13.455)

  4. N. Sharma, X.W. Guo, G.D. Du, Z.P. Guo, J.Z. Wang, Z.X. Wang, V. K. Peterson, “Direct Evidence of Concurrent Solid-Solution and Two-Phase Reactions and the Non-Equilibrium Structural Evolution of LiFePO4”, Journal of the American Chemical Society, 134, 7867 (2012) (IF=9.907)

  5. C.F. Zhang, X. Peng, Z.P. Guo*, S. Li, C.B. Cai, H.K. Liu, “Carbon-coated SnO2 nanoparticles loaded on graphene as highly reversible anode materials for lithium ion batteries” Carbon, 50, 1897-1903 (2012) (IF=5.378)

  6. C.F. Zhang, H.B. Wu, C.Z. Yuan, Z.P. Guo*, X.W. Lou*, “Confining Sulfur in Double-shelled Hollow Carbon Spheres for Lithium-sulfur Batteries”, Angew. Chemie, 51, 9592 (2012) (IF = 13.455)

  7. Z.X. Yang, G.D. Du, Z.P. Guo*, X.B. Yu, Z.X. Chen, T.L. Guo, H.K. Liu, "TiO2(B)@Carbon Composite Nanowires as Anode for Lithium Ion Batteries with Enhanced Reversible Capacity and Cyclic Performance”, J. Mater. Chem. 21, 8591 (2011). (IF=5.968)

  8. G.D. Du, N. Sharma, V.K. Peterson, J. Kimpton, D.Z. Jia, Z.P. Guo, “Br-doped Li5Ti4O12 and composite TiO2 anodes for Li-ion batteries: Synchrotron X-ray diffraction and in-situ neutron diffraction studies”, Advanced Functional Materials, 21, 3990 (2011) (IF=10.197)

  9. G.D. Du, Z.P. Guo*, S.Q. Wang, R. Zeng, Z.X. Chen, H.K. Liu, “Superior stability and high capacity of restacked molybdenum disulfide as anode material for lithium ion batteries”, Chem. Comm. 46, 1106 (2010). (IF=6.169)

  10. Z.P. Guo*, G.D. Du, Y. Nuli, M. Hossan, H.K. Liu, “Ultrafine Porous SnO2 nanopowders prepared via molten salt process: A Highly Efficient Anode Material For Lithium-ion Batteries”, J. Materials Chemistry, 19, 3253 (2009) (IF=5.968)

Competitive Grants in last 10 years

3 ARC Discovery Projects (First CI), including QEII Fellowship; 2 ARC LP (First CI); 1 ARC DP (APD Fellowship); 5 Commercial Projects (Project Leader); 5 AINSE grants

My ARC Discovery/Linkage projects and some Commercial research projects granted in the past five years are listed below:

  • Z.P. Guo, Z.X. Chen, JR. Dahn, J. Chen, “New directions to miniature batteries: all-solid-state integrated batteries”, ARC Discovery Project, QEII fellowship (2010-2014), AU$700,000.
  • Z.P. Guo, "Lithium carbonate as raw material for lithium ion phosphate fabrication", Commercial Research project, Galaxy Resources Limited, AU$28,855 (2010)
  • Z.P. Guo, HK Liu, CD Cook, H Zhu, D Wexler, XJ Zhu, “Development of advanced lithium ion battery and battery management system for electric/hybrid electric vehicle applications”, ARC Linkage project, AU$240,000 (2009-2012) + Industry matching funding (AU$120,000).
  • Z.P. Guo, “Estimation of the state of charge of large-scale lithium ion batteries”, Commercial Research Project, Redarc Electronics, AU$50,000 (2009).
  • Z.P. Guo, “Charge transfer mechanism in 3-dimensional pore-solid nano-architectures for electrochemical systems”, ARC Discovery Project (2008-2010), AU$300,000.
  • Z.P. Guo, H.K. Liu, P.H. Notten, J. Chen, A. Zuettel, “New concepts with multidisciplinary approach: novel functionalised nanostructures for hydrogen storage”, ARC Discovery Project (2007-2009), AU$300,000.
  • Z.P. Guo, H.K. Liu, J.Z. Wang, K.K. Konstantinov, M. Forsyth “Miniature lithium ion battery for implantable medical device applications”, ARC Linkage Project (2007-2009), AU$310,000. (Industry matching amount: AU$120,000).
  • Z.P. Guo, S.X. Dou, “Optimization of the Neural Network for state of charge estimation of the lead-acid batteries”, Commercial Research Project (2008), AU$125,000.
  • Z.P. Guo, H.K. Liu, “Smarter battery charger”, Commercial Research Project with Redarc Electronics (2007), AU$185,000.   
Last reviewed: 22 April, 2016